Family Law Attorney in Michigan

The Cronin Law Firm is dedicated to providing aggressive, compassionate representation to individuals, couples and families who are facing family law matters. If you need a family law attorney in Michigan, count on the Cronin Law Firm. A mother of three little ones, as well as one of the most respected family law attorneys in Michigan, Sabrina Cronin provides her clients diligent, aggressive representation, while also showing compassion and understanding.

In addition, The Cronin Law Firm is proud to have Attorney of Counsel, David W. Potts. David has decades of experience handling high-asset divorce cases, as well as those where one or both spouses own a business. Valuing and dividing business interests, protecting assets, preserving wealth and avoiding potential tax consequences, make high-income divorces extremely complex. With expertise in Family and Business Law, as well as a tax advisor and investigative division in-house, David W. Potts and The Cronin Law Firm have the unique advantage of having both the experierence and resources high-asset divorces require.

The Cronin Law Firm handles various areas of Family Law, including:

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