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Tom Hakim sits down with Attorney Sabrina Shaheen Cronin to talk about the law.

The Cronin Law Firm was profiled in the July 2015 issue of Bloomberg Businessweek, Fortune and Money, representing Business Law in Southeast Michigan.


The Cronin Law Firm

Sabrina Cronin of The Cronin Law Firm discusses her qualifications, areas of practice and why it may be beneficial to retain a female attorney.

Tips for dating after divorce

Attorney and counselor Sabrina Shaheen Cronin joins us on The Nine with the do’s and don’ts of dating after a split.

Sabrina Cronin on Domestic Violence

Attorney Sabrina Cronin schools us on Domestic Violence

How to make a will

Joining FOX 2 is Sabrina Shaheen Cronin, attorney and counselor with Cronin Law firm, to break it all down.

Sabrina Cronin on Personal Protection Orders

Watch as Attorney Sabrina Cronin discusses Personal Protection Orders (PPO) with Steve Hood.

“Practical Law” with Henry Gornbein: What to do if you’re charged with a DUI.

On this episode of “Practical Law,” Henry Gornbein talks with Attorney Sabrina Cronin. An experienced criminal law attorney, Sabrina explains what to do if you or your child are charged with a drug or alcohol related offense.