Leonard Scott Ballard
Leonard “Scott” Ballard is an associate attorney whose primary focus is criminal defense, although also has experience in personal injury, labor/employment law, real estate, and civil litigation and veterans’ issues. Scott holds a Juris Doctorate from the Ave Maria School of Law, with a focus on corporate/business law as well as labor and employment law. Scott was additionally an intern/Fellow under former National Labor Relations Board Member John Raudabaugh. Prior to joining the Cronin Law Firm, Scott worked in Florida’s 20th Judicial Circuit; beginning with the Public Defender’s Office working in the Homicide/capital crimes division, then moved to a private criminal defense firm. Scott brings a very diverse background to the Firm, having worked as a police officer, United States Marine, business multi-unit director and South Florida Realtor. Scott is a Member of the State Bar of Michigan, The Oakland County Bar, Macomb County Bar, Detroit Bar, The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and The Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan. Scott is also a sworn attorney of the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Michigan.
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Personal Injury 100%
Criminal Law 100%
Civil Litigation 100%
Labor/Employment Law 100%
Real Estate Law 100%