What should I consider when hiring an attorney?

 A bit of research goes a long way. To start, know that an attorney’s area(s) of practice and experience are extremely important. Ask a potential attorney questions that will help you understand how they’ve handled similar matters in the past. Discuss possible outcomes. Find out how fees will be generated – will you be charged a flat fee, contingent fee, or be billed hourly? Finally, decide if you are comfortable sharing the personal aspects of your case with the attorney. This relationship should be one that is based on trust and respect.

How does the process work at the Cronin Law Firm?

 It all begins with your initial consultation. Being prepared for the meeting will help the attorneys of the Cronin Law Firm get right to work. Bring any necessary documents and write down any questions you may have. The goal of the firm is to make sure you are completely comfortable before moving forward. If you decide to retain the Cronin Law Firm, a contract will be drawn up outlining aspects of your case, including scope of work and fees. From there, next steps will be identified and explained. The Cronin Law Firm will keep you informed throughout the entire process and promptly address any questions and concerns you may have.

What is the charge for the initial consultation?

There is no charge for your initial consultation. The first meeting between you and an attorney at the Cronin Law Firm, is to determine if you have a legal case, and what the best course of action is moving forward. Though fees vary according to the nature of the case as well as the specific legal service required (research, drafting of documents, filing fees, court hearings, etc.), the Cronin Law Firm will work with you to establish payment options that are right for you.

How long does a case take to resolve?

 At the Cronin Law Firm, resolving your legal matter efficiently and effectively is the utmost goal. Every case is different; once the firm has an understanding of your specific case, timing and expectations will be discussed in more detail.

Why shouldn’t I represent myself?

 Attempting to handle legal problems without the assistance of an attorney can often complicate an already difficult situation. Despite resources available online, every legal issue is unique; do-it-yourself forms and advice may not take those key differences into consideration. Your best choice is to be represented by a reputable and experienced attorney, who can guide you through the ever-changing laws, answer your questions and advocate on your behalf. Even if you choose to represent yourself, consulting with an attorney beforehand may save you unnecessary stress, time and expense.


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