19Oct, 17
Drunk Driving Limits in Michigan Under Review

How much is too much to drink and drive? Are you drunk when your blood alcohol content is 0.08% or 0.10%? Something lower, or maybe higher? A new bill in the Michigan legislature has put the legal blood alcohol limit under review, and the clock is ticking to end the debate. Fatal Drunk Driving Accident ... more

12Oct, 17
Is An LLC Right for Your Start-Up Business?

Founding a new company involves thousands of decisions that could affect its success. Choices in location, supply, manufacture, and personnel can all be critical. As you work through your start-up business planning, don’t forget to look at your corporate structure to decide if an LLC is right for you.

27Feb, 17

Most people recognize the considerable rights a creditor gains to satisfy a judgment if one is entered on their behalf. A judgment can result in harm to your credit score, lead to unpleasant creditor’s exams where you will be required to give testimony under oath about your assets, result in wage and tax garnishments, and ... more

22Jan, 17

By: Attorney Monica Rossi Baylis Going through a divorce is difficult and deciding how the marital debt is to be divided can be complicated and confusing. This article will specifically focus on how student loan debt taken out before or during a marriage may be divided when divorcing in Michigan. I.   Michigan is an ... more

21Jan, 16

The month of January is when most of us are ready to make a fresh start in one way or another, whether that means tossing the junk food to eat healthier, or cleaning up files to get more organized. As an attorney, I’ve noticed another type of activity tends to spike this time of year ... more

29Oct, 15

False accusations of domestic violence are not uncommon. In many cases, accusations are brought forward during a divorce by a spouse to gain leverage for spousal support or child custody. These are serious accusations and can lead to criminal charges. This exact scenario happened to one of our clients recently. Our client had been physically, ... more