Are Property Owners Responsible For Uninvited Visitors’ Injuries?
Whether it’s a new home, rental property or business, buying real estate is one of the most important investments most people will ever make. Though many websites offer do-it-yourself purchase agreements and real estate contracts, having an experienced real estate law attorney in Michigan, one who understands the ever-changing real estate laws and regulations of the state, is vital to protecting yourself and your investment. Trust the Cronin Law Firm to guide you through the real estate process, negotiate on your behalf, and draft any necessary documents. The experienced attorneys of Cronin Law also offer closing representation, so you can close the deal with confidence.

Whatever real estate issue you’re dealing with, the Cronin Law Firm can help.

Drafting and reviewing contracts/agreements

Construction and mechanic’s liens

Breach of contract

Insurance issues

Mortgage foreclosures, and more

The real estate attorneys of the Cronin Law Firm are also experienced in handling landlord/tenant disputes. Whether the issue is nonpayment of rent, refusal to vacate, or wrongful termination of a lease, hiring an experienced real estate lawyer can help you resolve the dispute efficiently and effectively. The Cronin Law Firm will negotiate on your behalf and represent you at trial if the situation requires.

The Cronin Law Firm handles numerous landlord-tenant issues, including:

Landlord and tenant rights


Termination of leases

Payment and nonpayment of rent

Security deposits and damage to rental property

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Dani A. Jajou
Mr. Jajou prides himself on his close and personal relationships with his clients, and takes pride in the close detail of every file, while advocating zealously and obtaining excellent results on their behalf.