Couples with significant marital assets face unique challenges during a divorce. High-Asset Divorce Attorney David W. Potts has decades of experience handling high-income and high-asset divorce cases. From business owners, CEOs, CFOs, doctors, lawyers, athletes and other professionals, David W. Potts has the experience in both negotiation and litigation necessary to handle the most complex divorce cases.

Valuing and dividing business interests, protecting assets, preserving wealth and avoiding potential tax consequences, make high-income divorces extremely complex. With expertise in Family and Business Law, as well as a tax adviser and investigative division in-house, David W. Potts and The Cronin Law Firm have the unique advantage of having both the experience and resources high-asset divorces require.

Property division can be one of the most contentious aspects of a high-asset divorce. In some cases, one or both spouses enter into a marriage with substantial assets. Others acquire wealth or grow their estate substantially during the marriage. In either case, dividing a high-asset marriage estate is extremely complex and requires a divorce attorney with not only family law experience, but business and finance credentials. Attorney David W. Potts has decades of experience and success in high-asset divorce cases.

When high-asset individuals face divorce, some assets may be overlooked. It is important to take inventory of all the marital, and individual assets, in order to ensure fair and equitable distribution.

Assets to Consider:

Real Estate (marital residence, vacation homes, retirement properties, rental properties, etc.)

Automobiles, boats and recreational vehicles

Bank Accounts

Stocks and Bonds

Deferred Income

Retirement Benefits and Pensions



Heirlooms, Collectibles



Though we strive for amicable divorce proceedings, there are times when one spouse may attempt to undervalue or hide assets in order to prevent them from being included in the marital estate. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of experts including, certified public accountants, financial advisors and tax attorneys. In addition, The Cronin Law Firm has the unique advantage of having an in-house investigative division should the issue of unlawfully hidden or transferred assets arise. There may also be tax issues to address in order to protect a client’s share of the marital estate. Spousal support is another important and often complicated area of divorce negotiations, especially if one spouse did not work outside the home.

Divorce is never easy, and can be even more overwhelming when complex property division is necessary.
Divorce Attorney David W. Potts has the experience in both negotiation and, if necessary litigation, to protect you during this difficult time. Additionally, David understands the effect divorce can have on children and considers them the highest priority. The goal of David, and The Cronin Law Firm, is for an amicable divorce where both parents work to protect the interests and well-being of their children.

David W. Potts has decades of experience helping couples work through the unique and complex issues that arise during high-income divorce. His experience and integrity are unmatched. Count on him to protect your interests, and those of your family, with discretion and respect. Contact David W. Potts today for a free consultation.