As an artist, you want to focus on creating. However, in an age where the internet, music streaming and other technological advances make it easier and easier to share things like music, photographs, artwork and writing, it also puts artists, musicians, writers and film makers at risk of having their work exploited, appropriated or outright stolen. There also those who promise to represent you and your work, and then leave you high and dry. As a former musician, Sabrina Cronin has the unique position of understanding both sides of the entertainment business, and is why The Cronin Law Firm is dedicated to protecting artists and their work.
If you need an entertainment law attorney in Michigan, count on the Cronin Law Firm. From contract drafting and negotiation, to agency contracts or disputes, we'll make sure your work and your financial interests are protected. We can also assist in copyright and intellectual property protection.

The Cronin Law Firm handles many areas of Entertainment Law, including:

This includes everything from talent agreements for actors, directors and screenwriters, to production issues and distribution rights.

Things such as software licensing, video game development and production, and general intellectual property is typically included.

Talent agreements for musicians and composers are typically included. Synchronization rights and intellectual property, especially relating to copyright.

More examples.

Publishing and Print Media
Involves issues like author agreements and intellectual property associated with advertising campaigns, especially with regard to copyrights and trademarks.

Television and Radio
This includes things such as broadcast licensing and regulatory issues.

Visual Arts and Design
Includes everything from consignment of art work to art dealers, to moral rights of sculptors regarding works in public places, to protecting graphic design elements used in advertising.

Although entertainment laws maybe a complicated legal areas which require an experienced attorney who not only understands the law, but the intricacies of the industry. Count on the Cronin Law Firm to protect your work and your interests.

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