What Financial Records Will My Divorce Lawyer Need?
The experienced business litigation attorneys of The Cronin Law Firm represent business entities as well as individual owners and directors in both routine and complex litigation matters. Though the goal of our attorneys is to seek dispute resolution through arbitration or mediation, there are times when litigation is necessary. In those instances, the experienced litigation attorneys of The Cronin Law Firm are prepared to take a case to trial, working aggressively to protect the interests of their clients. The team of Cronin Law understands the financial and operational impact litigation can have on a business and work tirelessly to ensure the best possible results, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Commercial Litigation Services:

Contract Disputes

Shareholder and Partner Disputes, including Derivative Actions

Unfair Business Practices

Business Torts

Employment Issues

Real Estate Disputes

Bankruptcy Proceedings

Business Dissolution

Trade Secrets, Confidentiality Agreements, and Restrictive Covenants

There are times when business disputes go beyond the simple contractual relationship between parties and result in allegations of improper conduct or fraud. In these instances, The Cronin Law Firm has the unique advantage of having a strategic partnership with leading financial advisory firm, Mackinac Partners. This pairing of attorneys and investigators is invaluable for clients and the successful outcome of their cases. From forensic accounting and fraud investigations, to economic and financial analysis, Cronin Law and Mackinac Partners offer skills and experience that are unmatched in dispute resolution.

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